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What are the 50 over 50 Awards?

You’ve probably heard of the 30 under 30 and the 40 under 40 awards. Why not 50 over 50 to recognize and celebrate the ones who have taken the risk to start a business as an encore career?

Why 50 over 50 Awards?

The fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship in the world is by people over the age of 50. It is also the most underserved and under supported group of new entrepreneurs. With the support of several Canadian organizations who are working with us to spread the word about the Awards, we will make an impact and be recognized as viable businesses.

We are already seeing the difference the awards are making. In just one year, support grew by 30% and applications increased by 24%.

Who can apply or be nominated for a 50 over 50 Award?

Anyone who was 50 years old when they started the business can apply or be nominated. If there is more than one owner, at least one of the majority owners must have been 50 when the business was started and still be active in the business.

What types of businesses can apply or be nominated for the Award?

There aren’t any restrictions on the type, or size of business that can apply. It can be a one person business, partnership, large company, family owned, non-profit, social enterprise or an intergenerational business to name a few, but is not limited to what is listed here.

Do you have to have employees to be nominated?


Can previous winners apply?

No. However, we encourage anyone that did apply and wasn’t selected as a winner, to apply again.

How many awards are there?

There are a total of 50 Awards.

What is the closing date for applications?

July 31, 2019.

Who are the Judges?

Judges are previous winners of the 50 over 50 Awards.

Where and when will the winners be announced?

The awards will be announced in the Fall of 2019. More details will be posted on the website as they become available.

How do we become a supporter of the 50 over 50 Awards and what does it involve?

There can never be enough support for an awards program. As a supporter you will be asked to share the information through various channels including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, website ads, to name a few. When you become a supporter you are committing to sharing the information regularly until the closing date on June 30, 2019. A media kit including suggested tweets, and short information for posts on Facebook and blogs will be shared with you as well as the logo and ads.

How can we financially support the WISE 50 over 50 Awards?

We are always interested in discussing potential sponsorship opportunities that will benefit both parties. If interested in supporting the Awards, please send an email to Wendy to arrange a time to discuss.

What will the winners receive?

We have some exciting ideas for the 2019 Award recipients. Information will be posted on the website as we finalize details.

We would like to provide an in-kind gift for the winner(s). What do we need to do and what do we get in return?

Please send an email to Wendy with what you are proposing and we will get back to you. Include the name of your company, contact person and telephone number.

How are supporters recognized for their contribution to the 50 over 50 Awards?

We are very aware that we can’t do this alone and depend on others to help support older entrepreneurs. As a supporter you are recognized on the 50 over 50 Awards website with inclusion of your logo and link to your website.

Why are you asking for financial information?

There is little information available for businesses started by someone over the age of 50. All data provided on the application will be used to compile statistics of businesses that have been started as an encore career. Any data that may be used will not be specific to the winners and names of the companies will not be released. Individual financial information will be kept confidential and will only be seen by the judges of the 50 over 50 Awards.

If you have additional questions, please contact


WISE’s goal is to help encore careerists achieve their business start-up goals by equipping them with the requisite skills, knowledge, resources and confidence.

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