About Wise

WISE – Seniors in Business serves the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship in the world – senior (experience and knowledge) entrepreneurs (people over the age of 50) who are looking for an encore career, whether it is because they want to, or have to.  Extensive research shows people over the age of 50 have a different set of challenges than young entrepreneurs who are starting a business for the first time. As there hasn’t been any support, they struggle and are frustrated when starting their first business. They have, up until now, mostly been left on their own.

Intergenerational Entrepreneurship is also on the rise. We have the Wisdom, Initiative, Skills and Experience (WISE) and young wannabe entrepreneurs understand the technology which is a large part of business today. Between the two age groups many successful businesses have been started and many older workers are finding meaningful work in these businesses.

Our website provides information and guidance delivered through podcasts by subject matter experts. Topics include where to look for financing, legal advice, domain registration, and websites, to name a few. Other podcasts offer guidance on finding a co-founder as well how to find employment with a startup. Inspiring stories from entrepreneurs around the world share why they started their business, the struggles they face and how they are getting through them. These stories help others realize they aren’t alone and that they too can become an entrepreneur.

Additional resources include an e-learning site with courses to help entrepreneurs start their business, as well as suppliers for those looking for help with their business. Going one step further WISE works with organizations assisting older workers find meaningful work in the world of business.

WISE founder and Canada’s leading expert on senior entrepreneurship, Wendy Mayhew, has done extensive research and understands the challenges facing this newest and fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. Wendy is a sought after speaker and workshop facilitator by small business organizations now starting to realize the importance of serving this newest group of entrepreneurs. Wendy also offers assistance and guidance to help small business organizations set-up programs specific to new entrepreneurs starting a business later in life.

Wendy is affiliated and collaborates with organizations around the world supporting senior entrepreneurs.



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WISE’s goal is to help encore careerists achieve their business start-up goals by equipping them with the requisite skills, knowledge, resources and confidence.

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