2017 Winners
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™


The inaugural WISE 50 over 50 Award has been a huge success!


With 80 organizations across Canada sharing the information on the awards as well as through social media channels, we received close to 100 applications/nominations.

Judges from across Canada and the US were given the difficult task of deciding on the 50 winners for the first ever WISE 50 over 50 Award. Judges did not judge or know about applicants from their own Province.

They have made their decision and the winners will be announced on right here on October 19. We will be celebrating the winners at the Startup Canada Day on the Hill event on the same day. For more information on the Startup Canada Event, visit the website where you will see the information and be able to register.

The one thing that I will tell you in advance is there are amazing businesses being started by people over the age of 50! And I never want to hear again that we will never amount to anything. I have the proof to prove otherwise.